What HomeWork Shelter is all about!

HomeWork Shelter is registered as a limited company by guarantee. The company was formed on the 1st day of October, 2018.

HomeWork Shelter was formed to help homeless people to have a bright future. The concept is to home the homeless and to get them back into work but to be sheltered in one of our own premises first.

Homelessness across the country has increased dramatically over these past 10 years by around 200%. Figures show that 4,751 people slept on the streets in 2017 (up 15% on 2016), with the biggest increase being in the north-west of England (39%), then Greater London (18%), and then the rest of England (14%).

We understand that just about every person that sleeps rough does get housed again, but they can be in supported accommodation for several years before being handed keys to their own dwelling. But a large proportion of people end up going back on the streets for various reasons. We strongly believe that if everyone has got a good trade and, will learn how to manage their own accounts properly, then no one will need to struggle.

So HomeWork Shelter is about helping people that need our help, to be sheltered in one of our own private houses, and to spend 3 years (or however long it takes for each individual), to go through trade training and for a trade of their choice, and to have a well paid job at the end of our programme.

We will help and assist each person every step of the way!