We are always looking for people to join the team here at HomeWork Shelter, to either become one of our fundraisers or affiliates. Both of which will earn you a good commission of 25% from multiple sources of income including; collecting donations, selling event tickets, selling clothing merchandise, plus much more! You will work the hours that suit you and at your own pace.

Also the more property that we acquire, the more project managers we will need to recruit, to assist all those that we shelter. Salary: negotiable.

The most committed fundraisers, affiliates, project managers, and so on - will be offered the opportunity to become a trustee at the company. All trustees will have access to private information, hold a spare set of keys to all of the houses we acquire, and will get to vote on what happens at the company, plus much more.

For further information on how you can earn your commission for being part of the team, fill in the submission form.

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