We are searching for UK-Based independent bands and solo singers to license one of their own original songs onto the charity album we are putting together and/or to perform at gala events.

We are looking for those that perform either - Pop, Dance, R&B, Soul, Indie, or Rock styles of music. Must be radio friendly!

Although we are not a music company, we do have a professional music licensing agreement already drawn up, so that your music will be protected. We will not own the rights to your music.

HomeWork Shelter is a new charity organisation which is about helping homeless people to get off the streets of Britain, to learn a trade, and to secure employment. But to also ensure that no one will return to the streets after we have helped them.

We shelter people, in the property that we acquire on a quarterly basis.

The Big Homeless Project is about raising awareness and at least £1,000,000 a year. That will be enough to shelter 154 people a year.

We receive donations from members of the Public, and private entities - as well as sponsorship money and private investment. We are also going to set up and run several ticketed gala events every year to boost income and awareness.

In addition to that we are putting a music compilation album together, to help the recording artists that are helping us. We will be getting major radio, TV, and national press to help get our story out there. We will also be running very expensive online public relations and marketing campaigns soon. So we will promote the album everywhere for free. We are going to name the music compilation album – STREETWISE!

Over 20 million people across Britain will know about The Big Homeless Project by the end of the year. So the recording artists that send us a track and get onto the album will get their music heard by a lot of people!

And not only that but, the recording artists will keep 100% of all sales from STREETWISE. The reason for this is because we want all those that get onto the album to fundraise at their events and online for us instead. The royalties of music will be split fairly amongst the recording artists. So the hardest working bands will make the most money.

100 bands and solo singers will join the project. The 5 acts that raise the most amount of money from now until the 31st August will get seen and heard on major TV. The act that raises the most amount of money, though, will also have a 30-second snippet edited onto the radio commercial that will be plugged onto both Smooth and Capital radio.

You will keep 25% (commission) from all donations that you receive on behalf of the company. So if you work hard enough, then this project will also help you to finance the production of your next EP, music video or single. So even if you do not raise the most amount of money, then you will still get paid a commission for fundraising. That will be in addition to your share of recorded music sales from STREETWISE, and performance fees from any live shows that we book you on to.

We have just started promoting online so, send us a demo now before everything gets too busy, and then you will have a better chance of getting onto the album. But if you’re not a recording artist, but you perform at events, even if they’re at your local pubs and bars, then get in contact with us.

If you would like to get involved, to help the charity, and to make this work for you as well, then fill in the submission form below.

If you want to get onto the album, then in addition to filling in the form, we will need you to send us a demo to our email address -

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We do not work on a Sunday!